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Oasis Waterless™ Cleaner

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AQUA fr33™ is the automotive variant of OASIS Waterless™. It is a waterless car wash product which offers excellent performance and gives a thorough clean and high polish for all cars, caravans, coaches, vans, motor-homes, trains, planes and other forms of transportation. Unlike most conventional chemical based cleaning products, AQUA fr33™ can be used in any weather conditions: on wet and dry surfaces, hot and humid, or damp and light rainy conditions, in direct sunlight, and on hot body panels.

AQUA fr33™ contains carnauba wax, the hardest wearing wax known to man in nature: a single solution gives a polished and smooth micro wax coated finish to all the external vehicle features including, glass, plastics, rubber, paintwork, alloys, plated chromes and other metal finishes.

With many countries now legislating that water should not be used for domestic car cleaning, along with ever tighter environmental considerations for environmental water savings, costs of the car wash water and pollution, and escalating water reclamation costs, AQUA fr33™ provides a total green solution!!

Recommended cleaning method

Spray product onto a complete panel at a time, e.g. door, including glass and mirrors, plastic mouldings etc. then take applicator towel, fold six times into a handy sized cleaning pad, then wipe down all surfaces in circular motions, then take medium micro-fibre towel and buff treated panel to suit. Repeat process on all panels. Then spray product onto tyre sidewall and wheel, use towel to wipe down tyre sidewall, then remove all dirt and pollutants from wheel, take micro-fibre to buff and seal wax onto wheel. For a higher showroom finish and shine take heavy duty micro-fibre cloth and buff over all surfaces.

The average time taken to clean medium sized family car to a fully polished finish is around 30 minutes! All the cloths are fully machine washable and the 500ml of product will give up to 10 cleans. Note: If an initial water jetting down (where allowed) is used to assist in the removal of heavy soiling e.g. dirt, grit and sand etc., then further savings in the amount of product used and time taken to clean/buff should also result.

In a number of tests that we've carried out, we found using AQUA fr33™ reduces that the initial outlay by over 50% and reduces average cleaning cycle times by a factor of 2-3! Add to this the lack of pollution and other environmental factors, you can see why AQUA fr33™ is so popular with our customers!