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Oasis Waterless™ Cleaner

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Oasis Waterless™

 How It Works
 Carnauba Wax
 Microfibre Cloths
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Oasis Waterless™ is...

  • 100% organic - contains plant extracts and naturally derived ingredients - no harsh chemicals,
  • Suitable for all non-porous surface (including glass, plastics, metals, tiles, granite, marble),
  • Single cleaner for 90% of household chores,
  • Non-acidic (pH balanced), non-abrasive, and bio-degradeable,
  • Contains carnauba wax to give a great long-lasting finish!
  • Fantastic on glass, recommended for cleaning and polishing spectacles!
  • The OASIS Waterless™ family

    Oasis Waterless™ 100% Organic
    Simple & fast environmentally friendly cleaning solution. Carnauba wax finish & protection. Vanilla fragrance.
    ONE product for over 90% of all your cleaning needs!!

    BIO-OASIS™ 100% Organic™ Contains anti-bacterial agent
    Natural environmentally friendly sanitiser & cleaning solution combined, offering up to 24 hours protection. Vanilla fragrance. Great for granite, marble, stainless steel work surfaces!!

    AQUA fr33™ 100% Organic Automotive formulation
    Natural environmentally friendly automotive & transportation cleaning solution. Used on wet or dry surfaces. Vanilla fragrance. Grade 1 protection with carnauba wax polish & mirror like finish!!