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Oasis Waterless™ Cleaner

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 Oasis Waterless™

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Oasis Waterless™ is a truly multi-surface material cleaner and protector which can be used safely on all non-porous surfaces.

Oasis Waterless™ has an all-in-one deep-down cleansing action, lifting and removing dirt and other contaminants. The final buff spreads and deposits the carnauba wax into all minute surface irregularities and sets to form a smooth polished, hard wearing wax coating. The product is pleasantly scented with vanilla.


Oasis Waterless™ Cleaning Benefits

  • Reduced cleaning times as a result of using a single product and simple method of cleaning: Oasis Waterless™ is suitable for over 90% of all surfaces and 'follow on cleans' tend to be faster over the carnauba wax coating.
  • Reduced waste: traditional chemical based products are often over applied to achieve a washing down cleaning effect. The Oasis Waterless™ cleaning method prevents over-deployment because you spray onto the cloth first and so extra product is used only as and when required. A little really does go a long way!
  • Oasis Waterless™ model provides a real 'Value Add' in its long lasting wax protection. Natural degradation of nature's hardest wearing wax is up to 6 wks or longer.
  • Oasis Waterless™ gives a very high level of protection against the direct attack from naturally corrosive sweaty hands, palms and fingers, and the wax barrier minimises the indelible markings which are often produced.
  • Non-corrosive cleaning action: unlike conventional chemical based cleaners which use acidic and abrasive cleaning properties which can attack the materials and manufacturer finishes leaving no protection against oxidization, discolouration, sweaty hands etc.
  • A non-static charged finish on all surfaces after cleaning - this extends the time between cleans because the surfaces repel dust and dirt particles and stay clean for longer.
  • Tactile finger printing on glass and most metals is greatly diminished because the wax does not allow the marks to remain visible unless the finger contact is long enough to melt the micro wax coating.
  • Environmentally friendly: the consumer benefits all round from the use of only a non-hazardous product with no toxic fumes released within their homes.
  • Oasis Waterless™ releases no phosphate gases! No need to gag, hold your breath or lose valuable heat from your homes in winter, just enjoy the pleasant natural vanilla aroma throughout your home.
  • For more information on Cleaning Methods, click here.

    Unbelievable results..... I was stunned by how good a finish could be obtained in so short a time!
    Mrs. L., Southampton