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An independent study by Birmingham University highlighted a 5-8% reduction in household average sale values, plus 4-7 weeks longer to make any sale when the property suffers from tired background odours, such as pet smells, tobacco or strong cooking oils, curry & food spices.

The same study also highlighted up to an 7 week average increased time scale for re-letting rental properties suffering from unpleasant odours. This is significantly greater than the current average turnaround of 2-3 days in areas with high demand for accommodation. Eco Smart REFRESH servicing addresses this issue, resulting in an attractive high level of cleanliness plus refreshing natural AROMAS.

ALL in 1 service products and processes are designed to be complimentary to provide high quality look feel and finish, for more intuitive UK property sales and fast take up of properties offered to let.

More specialist servicing is available looking forward to better protect and maintain all UK properties.

ALL in 1 CLEAN   SANITISE   REFRESH products use only 100% organic naturally occuring ingredients, kind & gentle to very delicate lacquers, plastic finishes, foil finished kitchen units and sealed granite & stonework. SAFE to use on over 90% of Home & Office furniture, fixings & fittings, including multiple appliances, cleans to provide a carnauba wax sealed polished finish. The Products used also promote the very highest safety profiles for ALL your clients office staff & tenant’s Health & Safety and contain latest hospital grade high end disinfection, safe on delicate fabrics, without staining or any burning due to an NON Corrosive proven killing action. Designed to meet latest EU safety legislation, plus all the UK environmental approvals; tested to the stringent EN1276, BSEN 13704, BSEN 1500 & BSEN 1650 where appropriate.