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Full Mould Prevention and Remediation Service
For UK Letting Agents, Landlords, Estate Agents, and Local Authorities

(We also treat homes, outhouses, and business premises)

Landlords and tenants often experience significant problems with the build-up of black spot mould which spreads over walls, staining the paint and leading an unpleasant and unhealthy living environment. In response to enquiries from our customers, we have developed expertise in solving these problems through the careful selection of the specialist range of proven mould treatments and use of powerful steam cleaning equipment.

Causes of black spot mould include:

  • Water leaks - gutters, internal plumbing, flooding, failing seals, old tiling, penetrating damp, rising damp (failed damp course),
  • Condensation on cool surfaces - resulting from high relative humidity in air.
  • High relative humidity (high humidity for the air temperature) results from bathing, cooking, drying washing, as well as insufficient drying out following floods and water leaks,
  • Inadequate ventilation,
  • Inadequate heating.
  • Black mould isn't just incredibly unsightly - it's unhealthy too - and in the case of rented accommodation, the Landlord and Tenant Act 1998 makes it the landlord's responsiblity to remedy the situation within 28 days of being notified by the tenant.

    Our solutions include thorough cleaning of the affected walls using appropriate products, re-painting with an appropriate and effective paint additive and solving underlying problems such as lack of ventilation. We are so confident about our methods and materials that we guarantee that the mould will not return.

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