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Full Mould Prevention and Remediation Service

ECO Smart Organics Treatment process:

Mould is unslightly and unhealthy. Try to fix the underlying causes and treat the mould as soon as possible, before the damage and staining spreads.

We use a hand applied heavy chemical wash down mix, using a brush to scrub first, then a sponge & microfiber cloth to collect the resulting slimy scum, removing all the visible mould growth residues, plus any salt & mineral deposits present. It also fully degreases the treated surfaces fully, which are left to fully dry out overnight, or for 6 hours minimum, before applying the deep root biocide

The prepared surfaces are left to fully dry.

The next stage is to apply a specialist quick drying white emulsion paint which hides the heavy black growling stains left by the mould.

A single coat of emulsion is applied which has been pre-mixed with a specialist additive which prevents mould re-growth..
Window frames and panes may be cleaned with the All-in-One OASIS cleaner which leaves a protective carnauba wax finish and a final Odour Killer & Sanitiser fogging treatment will remove any remaining airborne spores, including black spot, Aspergillus Niger and Candida Albicans.

Methods of improving ventilation include fitting trickle vents to double-glazed windows, window and wall fans, anti-condensation (heat-exchanger) fans and using dehumidifiers. ECO Smart Organics operatives will offer advice on the best ways to reduce the humidity and combat the conditions which lead to mould outbreaks.

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