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Our CLEAN hi-power vacuum service uses a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter which removes particles down to 5 microns in size. Unique to Eco Smart Organics is an additional anti microbial filter which helps trap and kill the collected bacteria, whilst releasing either a lemon fresh or mint aroma. This results in an improvement in indoor air quality (IAQ) of more than 350 fold. The ESO filter is heavily saturated in our 40% volume high end disinfectant, and can be removed and cleaned as servicing is carried out, maintaining full effectiveness throughout the service.

REFRESH Cleanser sprays are designed to be used over furniture and upholstery, curtains and other delicate fabrics, by complimenting both the CLEAN & SANITISE services. The sprays are used throughout the entire building in all rooms, as and where necessary; they are SAFE to apply, with the killing power of bleach and Dettol, but involve no corrosive burning actions, and are perfumed with subtle and pleasant natural aromas.  A special spray is designed for cleansing leather and vinyl sofas and chairs, to leave a supple, totally sanitised surface with a pleasing gentle leather and hint of vanilla aromas.

In addition ALL sealed bathroom, toilets and kitchen floors will receive our high end disinfection wet mopping, and toilets, basins and baths will receive a full sanitizing wipe down using our Hi power spot spays, in either lemon or mint aromas.