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Odour Killer & Sanitiser™

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Pet smells? Stale smoke? Those unpleasant odours from long-forgotten spillages and the musty smell after a period of disuse. Cars, caravans, and motorhomes and public coaches and trains often suffer from these irritating and unpleasant problems. These odours are caused by underlying bacteria which thrive on old spillages, stains or soilings. Our Odour Killer & Sanitiser™ is a dry fogging treatment which kills the bacteria, mould and viruses effectively - using entirely plant derived products - better for you and better for the environment.

The dry fog penetrates deeply throughout the entire enclosed passenger cells of the vehicles, reaching and treating areas that normal conventional product and processes would miss. The dry gas kills ALL exposed and airborne bacteria within 30 seconds and remains active for a further 24 hrs. All exposed surfaces are treated, including the hard-to-reach areas. The rapid delivery results in a fast service, making it up to a 100 times more effective than competing methods.
Servicing takes around 2-3 minutes in a series of short programmable bursts of between 15 - 30 seconds duration, with short re-heat periods to ensure correct agent release for maximum killing efficiency.
Odour Killer & Sanitiser™ has been fully tested to ensure that there are NO underlying corrosive actions that could lead to failures of any electrical wiring and/or system modules present. Both the product and the process remain inert during the servicing. In addition the process does not affect the fire retardant properties of the interiors because the dry fog product has a non-flammable content rating both prior to initial deployment and also during full fogged dispersal.

Odour Killer & Sanitiser™ is also designed to be deployed into all vehicle air ventilation and AC systems, so that it can be sucked through on re-cycle mode and then expelled out on open interior cycle mode. In this way the decaying bacteria present inside pollen filters and within all plastic piping networks etc. are removed, neutralising their contribution to any stale and unpleasant smells!!
Heavily soiled and damp areas can be re-treated following cleaning, by directly spraying onto the affected area, using the Odour Killer & Sanitiser™ in its base natural liquid state via a trigger sprayer.

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