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Odour Killer & Sanitiser™

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odour killer and sanitiser
odour killer and sanitiser


Interior Sanitisation uses the Odour Killer & Sanitiser™ range to deliver the new highly effective, organic based, anti-microbial technologies
Forced dry-fogged gas pumps millions of heated airborne active agents into enclosed interiors; capillary action allows deep "3D" penetration!!
Tired & jaded interiors are REFRESHED fully by killing root cause underlying most background smells & odours, which are mainly due to bacterial endotoxins
Eco & environmentally friendly, built around proven ingredients tested & known to be safely used in food and skin products for several decades!!
Non-carcinogenic, non-hazardous and non-toxic, a hospital grade product.. Safe for you, your family, pets, all plant-life, food & drinks!
Using only REAL natural organic pressed (essential oil) fragrances - mint & menthol, citrus, jasmine, chamomile, apple, vanilla, cherry...
Suitable for most large industry sectors like buildings & transportation, small businesses, houses, offices, cars, caravans, hospitals, care homes...
Following full sanitisation & disinfection of ALL microbial contaminants, the new Eco Smart Organics REFRESH anti-bacterial and air freshener product range may be used to maintain your healthy, clean and fresh environment for longer!

Just because you can't SEE them… doesn't mean that there are NO significant microbial build ups within your home or place of business

Worldwide research and studies have shown and continue to support evidence for a large correlation between the higher levels of microbes and bacteria within the living and working environment and the significant increase in the harmful effects for many people, especially children, living or working within these areas.

Buildings - Domestic homes

Nationwide studies involving the analysis of more than 2,500 dust samples from 831 homes across the U.S.A. as reported by the American Microbiology Society showed a strong association between the levels of toxins made by bacteria -- called endotoxins -- and the prevalence of diagnosed asthma, asthma symptoms and wheezing. The people living mainly in houses with higher bacterial endotoxin concentrations had far higher instances of respiratory symptoms.

Transportation - Motoring

A recent survey carried out independently by oil giants JET showed results from 250 swab tests carried out randomly at their petrol service stations based throughout UK which demonstrated that most cars tested had an astonishing 330,000 times more bacteria in them than on a toilet seat!! (Reported in the SUN ( on October 14th 2010).