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Let Eco Smart restore hygienic freshness throughout your home and business

Let Eco Smart restore hygienic freshness throughout your home and business

Eco Smart Organics uses our Odour Killer & Sanitiser™ range of products to deliver new highly effective, organic based, environmentally friendly anti-microbial technologies.. Safer for you, your families, staff, pets, all plant-life, food and drink!

The effects of our day to day living inevitably builds up levels of dust, dirt and many other fine contaminants, this along with occasional accidents and spillages provides a never ending supply of material food for bacteria to thrive on. This results in tired and jaded interiors in which background pollutants, microbial build ups and other irritants combine, resulting in unhygienic living conditions and unpleasant odour levels. Conventional vacuum cleaning just stirs up this fine dust, dirt and microbial build ups, helping to produce even higher levels of these bad odours and triggering breathing problems.

 Odour Killer & Sanitiser™ Service:

  1. Homes, Businesses, Cars: ALL your interiors will hygienically benefit

  2. RBC 1200 deployed into a sealed main living room

  3. Safe "3D" Anti-microbial fogging that leaves NO visible residues

REFRESH SOLUTION 1, 2, 3: The application is simple, fast and fully programmable: a trained operator goes from room to room, closing doors and windows and sealing each in turn. When an interior is fully fogged, the machine is removed, doors closed, leaving "3D" active agents to penetrate deeply into all material fabrics present. This creates safer new, crisp and hygienically refreshed fragranced interiors throughout the building.

Nationwide studies involving the analysis of more than 2,500 dust samples from 831 homes across the U.S.A. reported by the American Microbiology Society showed a strong association between the levels of toxins made by bacteria -- called endotoxins -- and the revalence of diagnosed asthma, asthma symptoms and wheezing. The people living in household interiors with the higher bacterial endotoxins concentration had far higher instances of respiratory symptoms.

No matter therefore what cleaning regime has been used, ALL homes, business and vehicle interiors can substantially benefit from our new "3D" Refresh Solution. Odour Killer & Sanitiser™ safely operates at this anti-microbial level throughout, by releasing millions of airborne agents which are able to penetrate deeply into all the material fabrics present using capillary actions, due to their tiny 1-2 micron size, killing off bacteria & pathogens over a long 24 hour cycle.

Technical Process - Odour Killer & Sanitiser™

All of the technological formulations have undergone intensive testing for conformity, efficacy, and compatibility. During this testing process, a standardised microbial dossier is adhered to, to ensure products are active over a wide spectrum, giving our Odour Killer & Sanitiser™ range far greater real life abilities than many standardised anti-microbial products. The active agent, BioBreez™ has been tested to ensure that our developments are highly effective against bacteria, single-celled eukaryotic organisms such as amoebas, spores, slime moulds and paramecia, and even viruses. The testing criteria included many highly reported (newsworthy) bacteria and pathogens, including:

-- Noro Virus, Clostridium difficile (spores), Aspergillus niger, E. Coli, and MRSA --

Please see Eco Smart Organics - Odour Killer & Sanitiser™ proven kill list for more information.

All testing is compliant with BS EN 1276 / BS EN 13704 / BS EN 1500 and BS EN1650 where appropriate.