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Fragrance: fragrances are manufactured according to the strict guidelines of the governing body IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and built to our own exacting standards by a UK Company with over 60 years' experience in the supply and manufacture of organic essential oil based fragrances. The essential oils are derived from organic sustainable sources from around the World and are carefully blended and purified to completely and safely remove any potential allergens and other known irritants.

The philosophy adopted in all Eco Smart Organics products is to put consumer safety first and we never boost scent levels or durations unnaturally. The pure organic essential oils are skilfully blended to provide finest fragrances with pleasing end notes.

To this end, we want you to enjoy the subtle delicate fragrances which have been created safely without the secret addition of hazardous or undesirable chemicals. Our range of natural organic-based products with the in-built scent fragrances provide a real alternative to the more heavily synthesized chemical air freshener plug-in modules and to many other conventional household air freshener and cleaning products. The chosen scents have been carefully selected for maximum effectiveness and popularity throughout the different and varied domestic and commercial service sectors.


Lemon, like other citrus fruits, has great natural antibacterial and antiseptic qualities; its natural oxygenating action helps to destroy many commonly occurring odours. The 100% natural lemon fragrance aroma used promotes clean and hygienic environments.


Mint and Menthol have been selected for their ability to block out bitter tasting tobacco and cigarette smoke and the aroma helps kill any stale smoky odour residues present. Mint and Menthol are used in medicine as a component of many drugs, where their strong sharp flavour and scent are used as a mild decongestant. They are also popular in aromatherapy.


Jasmine has a naturally calming effect, a pure and gentle summery flower aroma, creating very pleasant yet subtle underlying background scent. A natural aphrodisiac soothing and relaxing, it helps fight stress & fatigue. It also contains many strong medicinal properties and is being trialled for use in new Cancer medications. Often used in various herbal tea remedies as well as having huge popularity in aromatherapy.


Cherry is another more subtle and gentle underlying fruity background aroma, highly popular across the transportation sector. Cherry is also often used most frequently in Green organic cleaning products, along with health and herbal teas, and in aromatherapy and has some mild medicinal properties.


Vanilla is widely regarded as an antidote to stressful lifestyle. Pioneering aromatherapy tests at Sloan-Kettering prompted a series of additional tests to determine which aromas produced the best results and how testers rated the various fragrances. Heliotropin (vanilla) was consistently rated the most pleasant and most relaxing. In later tests, it was again consistently rated the most favourable: out of 22 fragrances tested, they concluded that:

"Vanilla, a homely scent which often reminds people of food, may well be an preferred Human Scent; its recent rise for use in commercial popularity is well-deserved."


Chamomile has a naturally calming effect and a pure and gentle summery aroma, creating a pleasant yet subtle underlying background scent. Proven in tests to help significantly calm and relax children during travelling. It also contains many strong medicinal properties and is often used in various herbal tea remedies, as well as having a huge popularity in aromatherapy.


Green Apple has a crisp fresh natural aroma, not commonly used but very pleasing, providing a subtle and gentle background fragranced scent. Provides higher level of fragrance for your family's relaxation within the safety of your home environment

  "Going back to nature, the power of scented aromas"

Please Note : Other custom fragrances are also available to order. For a totally unique new fragrance, please contact us for a quotation. Prices start from £180 minimum, depending upon the fragrance availability.